Your Pelvic Floor Can be Connected to Your Hip Pain That Won't Go Away

Hip pain and the pelvic floor

So yeah, the pelvic floor and the hip live close by, but what else could they have to do with each other? A LOT!

Our pelvic floor and hip muscles are so close together they can’t help but affect each other. If muscles and nerves in one area are tight or irritated, then they can cause muscles and/or nerves in another area to do the same… or become irritated by compensating to make up for the other’s inactions.

There are 6 different lateral rotator muscles of the hip that attach to the back of the pelvis. As these hip muscles can have a large impact on the pelvic floor… the pelvic floor can have a large impact on hip muscles. This can be a stubborn factor in not getting over that hump to fully resolve your hip pain.

Have you ever injured your shoulder? .. and along with that shoulder pain came a tightness feeling that creeped up towards your neck? Everything is

connected and it is common to get pains in surrounding areas, often times because of compensation or because different muscles are innervated by the same nerve that is 'irritated'. Our bodies are smart and try to help out areas in need, but often at the expense of other areas.

Long story short - with all these muscles and nerves in such close proximity we can see how easy it is to develop problems in one area when we are having issues with the other…

and unfortunately things often times don’t just resolve on their own.

This is why it is important to address the pelvic floor when our hip pain is not resolving with direct treatments.

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